Tait UST Operator Training

Alabama UST Operator Training

TAIT offers Class C UST Operator Training in Alabama. The Alabama Department of Environmental Management (ADEM) is the Department that approves the operator training according to Underground Storage Tank Regulations, Rule 335-6-15-46 (p. 79 of 91).

The Memorandum issued September 3, 2010 established that all operators must be trained by August 8, 2012. The Regulations define Class A, Class B and Operator Training in detail online. The ADEM defines a Class C Operator as:

any person who is, or is employed by,
the tank owner, underground storage tank facility owner, or lessee, who is generally the first line of response to events indicating  emergency conditions. This person is responsible for responding to alarms or other indications of
emergencies caused by spills or releases from underground storage tank systems, and for notifying the Class B or Class A operator and appropriate emergency responders when necessary. Not all employees of the facility are
necessarily Class C operators. This person typically:
1. Controls or monitors the dispensing or sale of regulated
substances; or
2. Is responsible for initial response to alarms or releases.

All owners and operators of UST systems need to designate a Class A, Class B and Class C operator for each facility. One person may hold more than one class designation, but must be trained for each. Generally, the A and B operators will take an A/B combined training course. C Operators can be trained by an A/B operator, or may take a separate course, such as the one TAIT is qualified to offer online.

Class C Training records must be made available at the facility, and produced upon request by the Department during an inspection. Class A and B records may be maintained at the facility or at an alternative site. Upon completing the online training, a certificate is available for printing that can be displayed or maintained on site so that it will be available for inspection.