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CRX Certified Associates at TAIT

CRX Certified Associates at TAIT

Certified Retail Property Executives Jake Vandervis and Trazy Letzring 


Tait & Associates’ COO Jacob Vandervis is now joined by TracyLetzringVP Tracy Letzring in achieving the esteemed CRX Certification. Tracy officially became a Certified Retail Property Executive (CRX) in December.


Congratulations, Tracy!

Certified Retail Property Executive  CRX

Having met all necessary requirements for seniority, industry engagement, experience and professional development, Tracy is now officially a Certified Retail Property Executive (CRX). This executive credential demonstrates a commitment to quality, performance and profitability in the senior leadership of all retailing and retail real estate industry organizations.  It is geared towards current and aspiring leaders who have a vested interest elevating multi-disciplinary industry standards, recognizing best practices, cultivating professionalism in the next generation of corporate executives and enhancing the assets for which they are responsible. 

Press Release – CRX Certification has been awarded to 752 Retailing and Retail Real Estate Professionals. Friday morning, ICSC issued this press release announcing that these certifications have been conferred.  

Directory and Publications – The CRX appellation has been added to Jake and Tracy’s profiles displayed on the ICSC web and mobile directory. 

professional certifications are designed with a focus on education, experience, examination and ethics. The CRX class of 2013 are pioneers in all facets of the retail real estate industry and have collectively held executive positions with retailers, law firms, real estate investment trusts, owner/developers and multi-national management services companies. CRX certification is granted in recognition of mastering retailing and retail property knowledge and competency areas include:

  • Domain 1. Ownership & Asset Management (15%)
  • Domain 2. Development & Redevelopment (20%)
  • Domain 3. Finance & Accounting (20%)
  • Domain 4. Leasing & Revenue Generation (10%)
  • Domain 5. Retailing (10%)
  • Domain 6. Marketing & Communications (5%)
  • Domain 7. Legal & Compliance (10%)
  • Domain 8. Property & Facilities Management (5%)
  • Domain 9. Executive Management (5%)

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