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Paul McCarter now certified as a Florida Professional Geologist

Please join us in congratulating Paul McCarter in obtaining his certification as a Florida Professional Geologist. The achievement did not come easy. It took about eight months to navigate the maze of paperwork required to process the certification through reciprocity. Those of us who know Paul and have worked with him since he joined TAIT in 2005 as a Senior Project Manager/Senior Geologist do not wonder at the successful conclusion of his efforts. His combination of talent and drive is evident in all that he does.

In Paul’s 6 1/2 years at TAIT, he has served in many roles, including managing large dollar assessment and remediation projects and supervising compliance staff at critical times during the implementation of UST Designated Operator inspections in California. Some of the most complex projects included a major remediation project at an oil transfer station, a major asbestos and lead-based paint assessment and remediation project at a former military base, and numerous third-party professional environmental reviews of sites overseen by other consultants.

One favorite story of Paul’s was when he was contacted by a prospective client several years ago to review the groundwater and soil contamination related to a former underground storage tank at the client’s property.  After a careful review, Paul informed the client that the (now former) consultant had given him erroneous information concerning reimbursement from the State Cleanup Fund, and Paul recommended that he reapply to the fund under his correct priority/status level.  The client did so, and ultimately received about $1,000,000 back from the Fund.  Long story short the client now uses Tait as its consultant on that property.

It's not a Glamour Shot, but it's Paul
He may be as serious as he looks. Maybe...

Paul was born and raised in Niagara Falls, Ontario in Canada, and completed his B.Sc. degree in Geology at the University of Western Ontario in 1974, followed by the completion of his M.S. degree in Geology at Oregon State University in 1980. He has worked in the Mining Exploration Industry in northeastern and northwestern Canada and the western United States until 1990, when he began working in the Environmental Industry. His expertise includes minerals exploration and property development, Phase I and Phase II Environmental Assessments and third-party environmental document review. Paul is now based in the TAIT Santa Ana office, located at 701 N. Parkcenter Dr., Santa Ana, CA 92705.

Paul resides in southern CA, with his wife Karolyn and daughter Sarah. In addition to these family members, Paul’s oldest child  Layla, is a 6-time world title-holding professional boxer. Boxing fans can check her out at http://www.laylamccarter.com or at http://www.womenboxing.com. Outside of work, his interests are varied and include hiking, golfing, following politics, sports and writing drop-dead-funny song parodies, usually about sports teams on the losing end of one of his favorites.

This newest certification is added to an impressive list of his credentials including Professional Geologist in the states of California, Wyoming  and Arizona ; California Certified Hydrogeologist and California Registered Environmental Assessor II .

TAIT is now capable of providing in-house geology services in Florida, California, Arizona, Nevada, Wyoming, and Colorado. Our ability to provide these services in Florida marries well with our existing tank services in the state. Please let us know if you are aware of any opportunities that would allow us to utilize this new registration.  

Thank you for your patience and perseverance Paul! We can’t wait to hear what’s next.