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Gas Pump Assistance Bill Proposed in Florida

Florida Lawmakers Get Behind Gas Pump Assistance Bill

Proposal would require Florida stations to post contact information so people with disabilities could call for assistance.

Sept. 5, 2012 Pinellas County news article
March 25, 2014 NACS article

CLEARWATER – The Americans with Disabilities Act requires gas stations, including those with self-service, to provide equal access for their customers with disabilities.

Honking, signaling by flashing lights and waving are among the established methods disabled people can use to get help at gas stations throughout the United States.

But in Pinellas, they also can call a specified phone number and, unless only one person is on duty, an employee must come out and provide assistance at the pump.

​TALLAHASSEE – A Tampa Bay legislator is looking to advance a bill that would provide assistance at gas station pumps to people with disabilities, First Coast News reports.

The bill would require gas stations to post decals with a phone number on each pump at self-service stations that people with disabilities could call for assistance. The required signs, with phone numbers to call, also will include information on where to report instances of noncompliance with the new rules.

The bill stems from a 2012 Hillsborough County ordinance. The house sponsor, Rep. Mark Danish, said he wants the whole state to benefit.

“Well, in Hillsborough County it works great, but in other places, it’s not a way to do it because you have to go in there and just hope that someone’s gonna come out and help you by honking the horn,” Danish said.

The bill requires that decals must be blue, have the words “call for assistance” on them and a phone number for the station.