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Michigan UST Inspections and Line Leak Detectors

Michigan UST Inspections and Line Leak Detectors

Brian Harmon, our Regulatory Affairs Manager, confirmed the following Michigan  Regulatory Requirements. Here are some notes regarding Monthly Inspections and Line Leak Detectors. Do you have Underground Storage Tanks in Michigan? TAIT is a licensed Michigan UST Class B Operator that conducts monthly inspections, testing, repairs and even tank installations, removals, and remediation. When you have  tank compliance questions or needs, please contact us.

Monthly Inspections

The site will have to print out or log the monthly results from the type of release detection they have on site. Examples are:

1)      If the electronic monitoring panel is conducting monthly tank testing the results should be printed out.

2)      If the site is using Interstitial monitoring then a monthly Alarm History Report should be printed out.

3)      If the site is conducting Vapor Monitoring, Groundwater Monitoring or Visual  Monitoring then the inspection logs should be filled out monthly.


The location should have a log to identify any repairs conducted on the UST system and/or the Release Detection equipment.

All of these results and/or logs have to be on site when the Class B Operator conducts his inspection so he can verify the information or identify any issues.

Site personnel can print out the monthly electronic results or conduct any monthly inspections when properly trained. The state requires that a Class B Operator conduct an inspection at least every quarter. The inspection frequency can be shorter if desired.

Line Leak Detectors for pressurized lines

Pressurized lines have to have an LLD (mechanical or electronic).

They have to conduct an Annual Product Line test OR have sensors that trigger an alarm in every sump OR  have an electronic line monitor that can conduct a 0.08GPH test at normal operating pressure.

Also FYI, if a pressurized system has Secondary containment, has sensors installed in all sumps and UDCs AND  the sensors will shut off product flow when the detect any liquid (Fuel or water) then an LLD is not required to be installed.

To read all of the details, view the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality Remediation Division Underground Storage Tank Regulations. If you have any questions on these Michigan UST Regulations and requirements, or other compliance questions in Michigan or other states, please contact:

Brian Harmon
Compliance Manager
Tait Environmental Services, Inc.
2131 South Dupont Drive
Anaheim, CA 92806
dir: 714-567-6413
fax: 714-978-2615
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