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Encouraging North Dakota Business Climate


The business climate in North Dakota is gaining a reputation for supporting emerging businesses, entrepreneurs and expansions. The North Dakota Department of Commerce has established a detailed site and the Business Hotline 866-4DAKOTA to tell you all about the state’s growing manufacturing, technology-based businesses, agricultural and energy industries, and numerous incentives. We are particularly interested in the infrastructure growth and with our company’s history in North Dakota, were excited to open a local office in Bismarck in 2012.

TAIT’s North Dakota Office recently opened when Tracy J. Letzring, PE, a 25-year veteran of TAIT, returned to his home state after serving the company in California and Colorado. TAIT has 50  years of professional civil engineering experience, with principals who have roots in North Dakota. TAIT’s founder, Dr. K.E. Tait, PE is from ND and over 50% of upper management is from ND as well as almost 40% of total management. We have dedicated our ND native Project Manager, Survey Manager and Project Engineer to our ND office, and have the capacity of 150 Associates to pool from 12 other offices.

Steve Varriano, PLS joins Mr. Letzring in the Bismarck office. With 33 years experience, in ND, WY and CO as well as a CFED Surveyor, he is well established as an expert in the field.

Alex Hoime, PE was also born, raised, and educated in North Dakota. He is a PE in ND and CO and has 10 years of experience as a civil engineer.

Forbes lists Bismarck, ND Third on their list of The Best Small Places for Business and Careers. Tracy and several other TAIT employees that all grew up and went to school in ND agree and we are excited that we recently opened our newest office in Bismarck.

North Dakota’s Population Loss has been Reversed! Figures from 2005, the year the oil boom’s effects became dramatically apparent, until 2011 show an increase in managerial, technical and professional job categories that typically go to college graduates. That period saw the creation of almost 15,000 new jobs in half a dozen employment categories including computing, engineering and architecture, business and financial operations, sciences and health care practitioners and support positions.

The oil industry began booming in northwestern North Dakota in 2006 with developments in the Bakken formation. New rock fracturing technology available starting in 2008 has caused a recent boom in Bakken production. Continental Resources (CLR) recently upgraded its estimate of total recoverable reserves in the Bakken. “Job growth has been across many sectors because of the state’s workforce and favorable business climate, with regulations and taxes that are not burdensome,” said Wilkey, the NDSU Career Center director. The soaring oil production has spurred infrastructure growth.

And North Dakota’s population should keep growing robustly. Rathge’s projections call for a population of 841,820 by 2025, an increase of 25 percent from 2010.  “The story now should be saving North Dakota from its success,” Rathge said, noting the strains on affordable housing, public works, public safety and health care that come with the boom. The challenge now for policymakers, he said, is to provide top-notch education, child care and jobs that support families. The North Dakota Housing Incentive Fund has been Capitalized by the North Dakota Housing and Finance Agency – which will develop affordable multifamily housing and offer a more permanent place to stay for many workers than the “man camps”.

This is a challenge Tait and Associates is pleased to take head on. Mr. Letzring was born, raised and educated in ND and is a former NDOT employee. He has been a registered PE in ND for 20 years and has been the civil engineer on roadway projects across the US, 30 years experience as a civil engineer. He delivers a balanced portfolio of public, commercial, industrial, and institutional projects to the office. In addition to civil engineering and land surveying, the office will also provide project management and environmental services. Our goal is to develop a complementary working relationship with you and your staff to become an extension of your team.

TAIT has experienced professionals available now. Call or come visit us, and let’s learn how we will work together in North Dakota.

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