Tait UST Operator Training

Tait Training

Hawaii Class A/B UST Operator


Aloha Hawai’i Class A/B UST operators! Our course is now approved by the Hawai’i DOH and is available for purchase.


Hawai’i Class A/B UST operator training course is a great way to meet the training requirements while learning everything you need to know to be an effective UST operator. This course is also approved by reciprocity in Guam by the Guam EPA.

Self Paced: This option allows users to watch 10 lessons online instead of attending a live webinar. Users take each lesson any time that is convenient. Great for new and experienced operators alike. Total lesson viewing time is about 2.5 to 3 hours. Plus a 1-hour final exam.

System Requirements:

  • High speed internet
  • Latest Flash player
  • Computer speakers

What Hawai’i UST operators liked about the training:

  • “The sectioning of the course, not one long session.”
  • “Easy to follow and certificate available almost immediately.”
  • “Could do it at my own pace. Ben did a good job.”

Also in an exit survey, a majority users said they really liked the content (83%), organization (75%), presentation (83%) and usefulness (75%). About 3/4 of the users said the information was somewhat or mostly new to them.

Multiple User Purchases: If you buy more than one Class A/B license at a time, select the “Training Place” option when you checkout to easily share training with your co-workers.

Refresher: A refresher training is required every five years or if the UST owner receives a violation notice for significant non-compliance. We do encourage voluntary refreshers to help you stay fresh on the content.