Tait UST Operator Training

North Dakota


Welcome to the North Dakota Department of Health’s (NDDoH) Underground Storage Tank Program’s Operator Training course. In this training program you will learn about the North Dakota requirements for regulated USTs. This training program was developed to comply with the requirements of the Energy Policy Act of 2005. The training is required for all facilities in North Dakota that have regulated underground storage tanks (USTs).

Each facility in North Dakota must designate a Class A, Class B, and a Class C operator, with the exception of unattended cardtrol facilities which only need a Class A and Class B operator. All classes of operators must be trained on UST operations. However, it is only the Class A and Class B operators that are required to take this online training course or another course approved by the NDDoH.

The testing requirements for each class of operator are different. The Class B operator is required to have the most extensive training and will have enough training to be designated as a Class A, B and C operator. Training for the Class A operator is not as extensive as the Class B. The Class A training is intended for individuals that would like to learn more about the underground storage tank rules in North Dakota, but do not need the amount of training as a Class B operator.