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Online - California UST Facility Employee Training


Please contact Tori Bates if you are interested in this course. or 469-709-2202

State UST Operator Training Regulation

Title 23, Sec. 2715, California Code of Regulations

State Deadline

July 1, 2005

Frequency of Training

Annually. Initial Training must be conducted within 30 days of date of hire.

Timing of UST Facility Employee Training

Facility Employee (CA terminology for Class C Operator) must be trained before assuming sole responsibility for responding to emergencies. At least one facility employee present during operating hours shall have current training (exceptions are made for unmanned facilities).

Requirements of UST Facility Employee Training

A Facility Employee is an employee and is, generally, the first line of response to events indicating emergency conditions. This individual is responsible for responding to alarms or other indications of emergencies caused by spills or releases from UST systems. This individual notifies the owner/operator and appropriate emergency responders when necessary. Not all employees of the facility are necessarily Class C operators. This individual typically and at a minimum must be trained in the:

  1. Operation of the underground storage tank system in a manner consistent with the facility’s best management practices.
  2. The facility employee’s role with regard to the monitoring equipment as specified in the facility’s monitoring plan.
  3. The facility employee’s role with regard to spills and overfills as specified in the facility’s response plan.
  4. The name of the contact person(s) for emergencies and monitoring equipment alarms.

Facility Employee training must be site-specific and conducted by the Designated Operator (California terminology for Class A/B Operator). That means that above and beyond the course we are offering, that the DUSTO must walk the UST Facility Employee around the facility in person. The class is a nice supplement and pre-training to what the DUSTO provides. Ask us about the training we offer when we are the DUSTO for clients' facilities in California. 

Course Description

This course provides the Facility Employee an overview of the training needed to respond to emergency conditions at underground storage tank (UST) facilities. Our course provides training on the following:

  • Introduction to a generic UST facility including the major fuel system components and emergency equipment
  • The roles and responsibilities of Facility Employee.
  • Site-specific emergency procedures
  • Emergency contact procedures
  • Safety awareness for employees and customers
  • Overfill prevention
  • Monitoring of the UST facility
  • Alarm panel recognition and response procedures
  • Fuel spill containment and cleanup