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Commodity Studies in Texas

Commodities Plans in Texas are created according to the Texas Division of Emergency Management, part of the Texas Department of Public Safety. Federal laws regarding hazardous materials authorize the US Dept of Transportation to provide assistance ($$) through training and planning grants which would increase efficiencies during hazardous materials accidents and incidents, and more. TAIT assists in obtaining grants and doing Commodities Studies.

A Commodity Flow Study is an assessment of flow patterns of hazardous materials within the state, between states or Native American lands, and there are grants available to pay for the development and maintenance of such a system to keep information current. These studies gather better information for long-term planning, such as freight transportation and safety, and assist in community planning.

Communities all over the U.S. have used HazMat commodity flow studies for:

  • Increasing public awareness
  • Defining training scenarios
  • Emergency planning/risk assessment
  • Identifying equipment needs
  • Community planning
  • Asset & resource scheduling
  • Supporting HazMat route adjustments
  • Supporting legal takings

Commodity Studies help reduce uncertainties about the hazardous materials that are being transported, and identify where/when/how the hazards may present themselves. Types of Commodity Studies that can be performed are comprehensive traffic surveys, spot analysis and practitioner experience.

There are Grants available to create Commodities Studies in Texas through the Hazardous Materials Emergency Preparedness (HMEP) Grant Program, and local governments are eligible to apply for this grant. From the HMEP Grant Application,

Federal Hazardous Material law authorizes the United States Department of Transportation (DOT), through the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA), to provide assistance to public sector employees through Training and Planning grants. The purpose of the HMEP grant program is to:

Increase effectiveness in safely and efficiently handling hazardous materials accidents and incidents

Enhance implementation of the Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act of 1986 (EPCRA)

Encourage a comprehensive approach to emergency training and planning by incorporating the unique challenges of responses to transportation situations

The performance period for this grant for 2013 is about to begin. It follows the federal fiscal calendar year, October 1 – September 30. Applications for a new HMEP grant were due to the HMEP Grant Administrator by July 31, 2012. Have you applied for a grant for a Commodity Flow Study? Would you like Tait’s assistance to learn more about them and begin the process for next year? Contact us or call us at 972-680-5120 today!

The TDEM requires applicants to comply with the following laws, regulations and guidance documents that apply to this grant: (click on the hyperlinks to learn more!)

Tait is experienced and happy to help you understand and develop your Commodity Flow Study in Texas. Contact us to schedule an appointment at our Dallas or Houston office, or a meeting at your location.