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UST Corrective Action Training

Did you know the EPA offers UST Corrective Action Training?

Multiple webinars are available for immediate free online learning

What are you interested in learning more about?

Innovate treatment and site characterization technologies for waste remediation

EPA has a website dedicated to Contaminated Site Clean-Up Information called CLU-IN. It’s full of information about Technologies, Contaminants, Issues, Strategies & Initiatives, Vendors & Developers, and it even lists Training & Events and Additional Resources.

  • Their next webinar is July 28th – SRI Webinar Series: Green Infrastructure: Reusing Contaminated Sites and Promoting Sustainable Communities. Click here to register.
  • You can start learning right now through their Archived Internet Seminars & Podcasts

Innovative analytical techniques, sampling strategies, and remediation technologies that are relevant to contaminated UST sites

The EPA developed a two-part, six hour site assessment and remediation training webinar you can access online called Best Management and Technical Practices for Site Assessment and Remediation

Petroleum Vapor Intrusion

You can access the archived Training Petroleum Vapor Intrusion: Fundamentals of Screening, Investigation, and Management online. The Interstate Technology and Regulatory Council sponsored this training based on empirical data and research to support PVI decision making under different regulatory frameworks. Here is the ITRC Technical and Regulatory Guidance Web-Based Document. It’s very extensive and a great resource.

  • There is no cost to participate in the ITRC on-line training whether it is a “live” training session or an archive of a previously offered training session, so I recommend if you’re interested that you register to receive more information. You can watch for Upcoming Live Web Events online.
  • Starting in late 2015, ITRC will offer a 2-day PVI focused classroom training at locations across the US. Email to indicate your interest in learning more in-depth information about the PVI pathway and practice applying the ITRC PVI guidance document

Remediation Strategy Decision-Making

The EPA developed this five-part webinar to provide experience using publicly-available simulation and data analysis tools that can be used to support remediation decisions and strategy development for sites contaminated by chlorinated solvents, petroleum hydrocarbons, or other constituents

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