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Class A/B UST Operator inspecting UST spill buckets

Our web-based course is designed to prepare prospective Utah Class A and B Underground Storage Tank Operators to take the State of Utah Class A and B Operator Exam. This self-paced course allows the student to start and pause the training during its delivery. The course must be completed within 6 months of its start. The course utilizes visual aids and audio commentary to facilitate the efficient and comprehensive learning of the subject matter required to meet Utah’s state regulations for a UST Class A or B Operator. The training course has been approved by the State of Utah Department of Environmental Quality, Division of Environmental Response and Remediation as preparation for the Utah Class A or B Operator Exam.

Class C Operator

Utah Class C UST Operator Training Course coming soon!

Utah UST Operator Classifications

Texas underground storage tank facilities are regulated by the Utah Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) Storage Tank Division. The Utah UST regulations are found in UST ACT, Utah Code Annotated (UCA), Section 19-6-407 and R311 authorizes the Division of Environmental Response and Remediation to administer the Utah UST program.

The Utah UST operator training rules requires the owner or operator of each Utah UST facility to train at least one employee in each of the following classifications:

The Utah Class A UST operator is an owner, operator, employee, or individual designated regulatory requirements and standards necessary to operate and maintain the UST system. Utah Class A UST operator responsibilities include:

  • Knowledge of UST systems
  • Maintain records
  • Response to and reporting of emergencies caused by releases or spills
  • Ensure that operators are trained and registered
  • Ensure that annual UST fees are paid
  • Maintain UST system records

The Utah Class B UST operator is an owner, operator, employee, or individual who implements the  routine daily aspects of operation, maintenance, and recordkeeping for UST systems. Utah Class B UST operator responsibilities include:

  • Ensure that on-site UST operator inspections are conducted
  • Ensure that UST release detection is performed
  • Ensure that the status of the UST system is monitored for alarms and
    unusual operating conditions
  • Perform required Utah monthly inspections
  • Ensure that proper release detection and other records are kept and
    made available for inspection
  • Ensure that spill prevention, overfill prevention, and corrosion
    protection requirements are met
  • Be present for any compliance inspections, or designate another
    qualified individual
  • Ensure that suspected releases are properly documented
  • Ensure that class C operators are trained and documented and
    present during UST operation hours

The Utah Class C UST operator is the first responder to emergencies at the UST facility. At a typical convenience store, the Class C UST operator will often be the clerk or attendant at the gas station.  At an industrial facility, the Class C UST operator could be a facility employee that works in the vicinity of the USTs.  The Class C UST operator must understand how to recognize alarms or emergency conditions, how to respond to alarms or spills, and how to call the Utah Class A or Class B UST operators and appropriate responders in case of an emergency or fuel spill. Responsibilities include:

  • Be present at the site at all times during normal operating hours
  • Monitor product transfer operations to ensure that spills and overfills do not occur
  • Properly respond to alarms, spills, and overfills
  • Notify class A and/or B operators and appropriate emergency responders when necessary
  • Act in response to emergencies and other situations caused by spills or releases from an UST system

Utah UST Operator References

Here are some helpful references for Utah UST Class A and Class B operators. Click the tab for more information.

Utah revised UST regulations, which are summarized in Utah UST Owner/Operator Guidance Document.

The Utah DEQ has a forms website that Utah Class A/B UST operators should utilize. Some of the most used forms are listed below:

On October 13, 2015, USEPA finalized the first significant changes to the federal UST regulations since 1988. Utah revised UST regulations, which are summarized in Utah UST Owner/Operator Guidance Document.

The most significant revisions to the Utah UST regulations are listed below.

  • UST system compatibility demonstration;
  • Monthly UST walkthrough inspections;
  • Annual UST walkthrough inspections;
  • Tri-Annual UST spill container and UST containment sump testing;
  • Annual UST overfill prevention equipment inspections;
  • Annual UST release detection equipment testing; and, but not limited to,
  • Emergency Generator UST System and Airport Hydrant UST Requirements.

If you have questions about Utah UST regulations, Utah UST operator training, or any other Utah UST requirements, you may contact the Utah DEQ Storage Tank Section by calling (801) 536-4100.

To report releases from USTs, visit the Utah DEQ website.

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