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CalCUPA Learning Management System

The California CUPA Forum announced a new CalCUPA Learning Management System (LMS) at the 25th Annual CUPA Conference.  Access to the LMS is provided to all CUPAs, PAs, and all 2023 Annual Conference registered attendees. Login to the California CUPA Form Website, then click the graduation cap icon or navigate to https://calcupa.org/lms-agenda/index.html. The LMS is a work in progress and any comments can be addressed to [email protected].

The LMS includes “Beginning California UST Inspector Training Course 101”. This course is an introduction to the world of underground storage tanks for new California UST Inspectors and more experienced California UST Inspectors who want to refresh basic skills; and for UST owners/operators who want to keep their UST facilities in compliance. Participants will be taken on a journey through topics such as: understanding provisions of California UST law and regulations; familiarity with the components and layout of typical UST systems; understanding requirements for performing and reporting testing of California UST system components; familiarity with requirements for electronic submittals of UST information in the California Environmental Reporting System (CERS); understanding new and existing UST design, construction and monitoring requirements; and understanding of release recording and reporting requirements. It is an introductory class, and it is not an California UST Inspector ICC Exam (UI) preparatory class. To prepare for the California UST Inspector Training Course, please navigate to our website or our UST Inspector Training Course.

The LMS also includes a California UST training course covering UST Overfill Prevention.