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Revisions to the California UST Regulations

Expected effective date of January 1, 2026. There will be a forty-five (45) day public comment period in the Fall of 2024. Our California UST training courses will be updated as soon as these regulations are finalized.

Revisions will include:

  • Universal changes to the UST regulations;
  • Upgrades to state UST forms;
  • Revised and new UST definitions;
  • Change new and existing type USTs to Type 1, Type 2, and Type 3 underground tanks;
  • Recordkeeping and retention requirements;
  • Clarifications and changes to the UST certification, licensing, and testing requirements;
  • Documentation of future UST testing dates;
  • Training requirements for a new Independent Compliance Inspector;
  • Proposed UST construction and operation requirements;
  • Direct buried single-walled UST spill buckets in need of repair must be replaced with secondarily contained spill buckets; 
  • UST monitoring requirements; and
  • Revised UST testing requirements, calibration, notification, and procedures.

Upcoming webinars covering the California UST regulations revisions: