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Teamwork was #1 as Tait Designed and Built new Fueling System for JB Hunt

Truck Fueling at new JB Hunt facility Tait built

When JB Hunt Transportation acquired adjacent property to their existing Stockton CA facility, Tait Environmental Services was selected to remove the old fueling operation from the newly acquired property and design and build a Fueling Facility.

The previous fueling facility Tait removed was an old single wall Owens Corning 10K gallon AST and mechanical dispenser. The new installation consisted of a new double wall UL142 15K gallon Modem Welding AST. Two new Wayne high flow master satellite dispensers, UDCs, and EJ Ward Fuel Management systems were put into place. The new 10 horsepower off load pump station offers quick fuel deliveries into the AST, and the new tank monitor oversees the system.

This project started in November 2010, when JB Hunt was acquiring the property adjacent to their existing facility. Ron Weaver at JB Hunt talked to Andy Tait and that’s how it all started.

Dennis Tweedy tells the story: It turned out so nice! Our teams did a great job. We removed the old system in place, I designed a new system for them, we bounced back and forth on the design so everyone was happy, submitted to county, got it all permitted and built it. It’s a state of the art facility, a flagship operation for them. I’m used to building Gas Stations with Shell or Valero logos, but we were in control of the design and painting and the whole 9 yards. BJ Ward is their fuel management system, we tied that right into their network. As soon as we had the network up and running, we plugged in the tank monitor and JB Hunt was able to dial in within 5 minutes to see their tank monitor and fuel levels. It went without a hitch.

I was really proud of that project. We did it all in house, brought some people up from Southern California, most of the guys in Northern CA worked on it. There are 2 Dresser Wayne high flow dispenser, with sattellites, so they have two full lanes for fueling for their diesel operation. We put an air and water system out there that’s hooked to their shop air. It’s a clean facility.

As far as permitting goes, the County of Stockton CA worked with me preliminarily. They were a huge help in helping me design it. They were really looking forward to that old system going away and were excited about what JB Hunt was doing, as well. They were spectacular; I can’t say enough nice things about them. Inspectors actually took time to look in the books at what I could do, were there at all the inspections, were excited about the project, and you don’t get that very often.

The offload pump we installed, you’ll see the diesel that is filling up at the AST. We installed a 10hp offload pump, and they can fill up a 15k tank of diesel in about 5 minutes. The delivery driver, had a chance to talk to her, she was elated, saying “it saves me so much time on my deliveries, saves me so much time it’s ridiculous.”

James Livoni, the company electrician, did a fantastic job installing a completely new fuel subpanel. We had a subcontractor, Carr Electric (in Stockton, have worked with them on diff projects throughout the years) install a whole new feed for our subpanel, which had to go from the existing prime power at the facility, had to do a horizontal bore all the way to the building to get our own separate power feed for that. Everyone worked well together, it just clicked. Everyone helped out, I can’t think of one problem or one argument we had with agencies or anyone. Everyone just pitched in and helped get it done.

Teamwork is defined in Webster’s New World Dictionary as “a joint action by a group of people, in which each person subordinates his or her individual interests and opinions to the unity and efficiency of the group.” Throughout Dennis’s account of the project, Teamwork is preeminent, which is why this is such a great story to share.

Ron Weaver at JB Hunt said, “The project went well. I was pleased with the attention Dennis gave it and the quality of the product we ended up with. The timing and scheduling and permitting efforts he put into all that were great. I’m about 2,000 miles away and have to rely on people like him. I really appreciate having Dennis there.”

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