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Proposed Changes to the Illinois Underground Storage Tank Rules

The Illinois Office of the State Fire Marshal’s (OSFM) proposed rule changes have been moved to a Second Notice.  OSFM has proposed some changes and clarifications to proposed rules based on public comment, including the following:

  • dropping the proposed requirement to install double-walled sumps for new and replaced under-dispenser, tank top (submersible), transition and other containment sumps after March 1, 2023;
  • proposing that single-walled horizontal spill containment cabinets will be exempt from the requirement that spill containment be double-walled;
  • clarifying that European Suction systems are exempt from the double-wall piping requirement; and
  • clarifying the term “confirmed release”.

The requirement that new and replaced spill containment equipment (spill buckets) must be double-walled remains in effect as of March 1, 2023 (except for single-walled horizontal spill containment cabinets as specified above).  Illinois OSFM has created a Fact Sheet Update for Illinois Class ABC UST Operator and Owners. It is important that all Illinois Class ABC UST Operators keep track of these changes to maintain Illinois UST compliance.