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Tait Offers Classroom Training in Illinois

Tait offered the First Online A/B UST Operator Training Course in Illinois. Now, TAIT has completed our first classroom session of Class A/B and Class C UST Operator Trainings and Certifications in the State of Illinois.

Tait gave one Class A/B session and two Class C sessions to fulfill a full day of training. Tim Uhrik, who helped in the development of the training program, proctored the course. The Class A/B course was successfully completed within 4.5 hours (yes, we give the students a break). The individual Class C courses were completed within 1 hour. Each course has an associated exam. A/B exams are 60 questions, and C exams are 10 questions. The class went well – everyone passed the Certification Exams on their first try!

Our Illinois A/B course covers a variety of topics with regards to USTs:

  • Class A, B and C Operator roles and responsibilities
  • Overview of UST systems
  • UST operator requirements
  • Release detection
  • Record keeping
  • Release reporting, confirmation, and corrective action

Tait’s overall objective is to educate the prospective Class A or B operator on the State of Illinois and USEPA Federal Regulations governing the operation of underground storage tanks. The course will prepare students to take our online Class A or B UST Operator Certification Exam.

Topics covered with regard to the Illinois Class C course include:

  • Introduction to a generic UST facility including the major fuel system components and  emergency equipment
  • The roles and responsibilities of the Class A, B and C Operators.
  • Site-specific emergency procedures development
  • Emergency contact procedures
  • Safety awareness for employees and customers
  • Overfill prevention
  • Monitoring of the UST facility
  • Fire safety and introduction to fire extinguishers
  • Alarm panel recognition and response procedures
  • Fuel spill containment and cleanup

The focus of our Class C Course is to provide an overview of the training needed to respond to emergency conditions at underground storage tank (UST) facilities.

Tait offers a day of training starting at $4,000 and is willing to fill the day with a combination of A/B and C courses. Have you scheduled your classroom training, yet? Contact us today!