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Oregon DEQ Tankline Bulletin

Oregon DEQ has issued a Tankline Bulletin (January 2022). In this issue, Oregon DEQ summarizes the updated process for approving UST fuel drops at for testing newly-installed USTs to ensure that fuel drop requests are handled consistently.

The bulletin also covers DEQ’s Air Quality (AQ) program that regulates all gasoline dispensing facilities (GDFs) to reduce the emission of gasoline vapors. Regardless of whether or not your facility has a GDF permit, if you dispense gasoline, your UST or AST facility is subject to the National Emission Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants rules. Have you opened your turbine sump and noticed a persistent odor of gasoline? You are probably in violation of OAR 3402440240 (1), which states: the owner or operator of a GDF must not allow gasoline to be handled in a manner that would result in vapor releases to the atmosphere for extended periods of time.