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Connecticut to Remove Vapor Recovery Stage II Systems

Connecticut to Remove Vapor Recovery Stage II Systems

Pending the governor’s signature, retailers in the state will be able to remove Stage II vapor recovery systems from their fuel pumps.

As anticipated, we continue to see movement  in state legislatures to remove Stage II Vapor Recovery Requirements. Newer vehicles being developed have eliminated this environmental requirement that has been in place for 20 years by including systems to keep gasoline vapors from escaping when auto owners refuel. “Once we had more than 50% of the vehicles built with onboard vapor controls, the onboard system actually rendered the (Stage II) system useless,” said Michael Fox, executive director of the Gasoline and Automotive Service Dealers of America Inc. “So keeping Stage II is actually polluting, because one system counteracted the other.”

The Connecticut Legislature passed a proposal that removes the requirement for gas stations to have vapor recovery equipment, House Bill 6534. The Waterbury Republican American reported, “The state legislature last week overwhelmingly approved a bill intended to save  money for gas station owners and reduce air pollution.”

The bill was passed unanimously in both the House and the Senate and is with the governor for his signature. Just over a year from now, gas stations should have permanently disconnected their Stage II systems. So by July 1, 2015 changes such as sealing all above and below ground piping to make the system inoperable will be required. The gas stations are NOT required to remove below-ground vapor recovery equipment.

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While there will be expenses related to disabling the current systems, there will also be savings. Owners that may be frustrated at the expense to add Stage II Vapor Recovery equipment that is now required to be removed can look forward to the savings they will see due to no more required annual maintenance (testing, repairs, etc.) In some instances, the cost for removing the system will be less than mandatory yearly maintenance.

Tait Environmental Services started in 1964 in California and is very familiar with removing this equipment. If you have any questions, contact us. We are happy to be a resource for you, and we also are contractors throughout the country that can perform the service.