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TCEQ & Decommissioning Stage II

TCEQ & Decommissioning Stage II

The TCEQ has been busy hearing public comments all over the state last week and this week. Did you submit comments?

The only comment I have heard so far from our Regulatory Affairs Manager is

115.241(b)(4) – Add TXP-101 as a test requirement. Some vapor space manifolds may have been achieved through the Vapor Return piping. One of the current proposed requirements is to disconnect the vapor return piping from the UST.

Take a look at the current Proposed revisions to Chapter 115, and let us know your thoughts. Keep in mind that they may change after hearing the public comments, commission requirements or getting final EPA approval.


If you have any questions, contact Brian Harmon and get the dialogue going. TAIT has extensive experience in installing and removing VR equipment, as our largest branches are in California and we have the experience of operating under many of the stricter EPA guidelines for years. We look forward to hearing from you!

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