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Do you have Emergency Generators in Texas?

Do you have Emergency Generators in Texas?

In Texas, B UST Operators can either be in-house employees, or subcontracted to a third party like TAIT. If you have questions about your system and the compliance responsibilities associated with it, that’s what we do! Contact me today and let’s see how we can help.

TFFA & TAIT at the booth

Training Director Andy Tait and TFFA’s Scott Fisher were instrumental in creating the A/B UST operator training course in Texas. Also pictured are Melanie Nelson who teaches the classroom training courses & Brian Liquin from TAIT’s Boise office, specializing in Architecture Engineering.

Many emergency generators have an underground or aboveground storage tank associated with them. TAIT is intimately familiar with these fueling systems and has designed, installed, removed, repaired, upgraded, maintained, tested and inspected these systems for generations. We are a third-party operator for many clients and are happy to consult with you about your current or planned systems.

Do you or your employees currently perform the inspections and maintenance on your systems?  If you an underground storage tank operator in Texas, you need to be certified. If you were certified by the deadline three years ago, it’s time for a refresher! TAIT is holding classes locally at our Dallas office, and around the state so reach out and find out when the next class is that is most convenient for you.

Classes are currently being scheduled and filled here. Call Melanie Nelson at 214-531-9377 to schedule a private classroom training session in Texas or find out when the next one is in your area. Click here to register for an existing course.