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TFFA Fall 2023 Summit

Join the TFFA on October 23-25 for the 2023 Fall Fuel & Convenience Summit! This year’s summit will be held between the rolling hills and towering live oaks at Tapatio Springs Hill Country Resort in Boerne, TX.  For Texas UST Class A/B Operators! The Texas Department of Licensing and Registration will present a detailed overview of the new Skimmer rules …

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TCEQ UST Compliance Notebook

The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality has updated their Texas UST Compliance Notebook (RG-543). It is helpful for making sure you are perming the proper UST inspections, release detection, testing, reporting, and record keeping. All Texas Class A and Class B UST Operators should download a copy and keep it for maintaining compliance and Texas-required …

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TCEQ Proposed Petroleum Storage Tank Rules

On Nov. 15, 2017, TCEQ commissioners approved publication of the proposed rules for petroleum storage tanks. The proposed rulemaking amends Title 30 Texas Administrative Code (TAC) Chapter 334. This required rulemaking will incorporate necessary changes to 30 TAC Chapter 334 in accordance with the EPA’s 2015 revisions to the federal underground storage tank (UST) regulations …

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New 2-hour TFFA Texas AB UST Course

The TFFA Texas course has been remodeled! Shortest TCEQ approved Texas course offered for AB Operator training! Eye appealing, direct, and easy to follow information. Click on the button below OR visit texas.ustcourse.com to get started!

UST Secondary Containment and Interstitial Monitoring Requirements

Are you responsible for ensuring site or corporate environmental compliance or for implementing a site environmental management system that includes fueling systems? Whether you’re an environmental manager, a plant engineer, plant/general manager, facility manager, site manager or other role, if you’re involved with underground fuel storage tanks, the new rules regarding secondary containment should be of interest. Federal …

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The New UST Regulations have been Published

The Implementation Timeline is now Ticking for the new Underground Storage Tank Regulations The EPA’s Revisions to 40 CFR Parts 280 and 281 have been published in the Federal Register today – July 15, 2015 The Final Rule – Revising Underground Storage Tank Regulations—Revisions to Existing Requirements and New Requirements for Secondary Containment and Operator Training – …

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Overview of the EPA’s 2015 Changes to UST Regulations

Here are Some of the Significant Changes to 40 CFR part 280 The EPA’s 2015 Final Regulations for USTs changes certain portions of the 1988 underground storage tank technical regulation in 40 CFR part 280. The changes establish federal requirements that are similar to key portions of the Energy Policy Act of 2005. In addition, EPA …

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