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Inventive TAIT Employee Creates own Tools

One inventive TAIT employee, Tim Norman, found that he needed something different to do his job, so he created it!

Tim Norman with the tool he designed and built

Tim Norman is a Certified Tank Installer and Remover and acts as the B Operator for many of our UST clients in Texas. He joined TAIT in 2012, and boy are we glad to have him! Tim is certified as a Texas A&B Supervisor, B Operator in Texas and Louisiana, with Pneumercator, INCON, has HAZWOPER, the list goes on, and says what he enjoys most about the job/working for TAIT is his boss in California 🙂

Tim determined the need for this tool when he had to remove a 250 pound lid with a screw driver and pry bar. Entrepreneurial and a do-it-yourself kinda guy by nature, rather than requesting a new tool, he designed one himself! This is just one of the many reasons we are so proud to call Tim part of our TAIT team.

Tim Norman, Texas B Operator for USTs

If you see Tim driving around within a few hours of the Dallas metroplex while you are out and about, wave or say hi! We love meeting people out in the field.