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TCEQ Publishes Changes Coming for Stage II Vapor Recovery Systems

The TCEQ – Texas Commission on Environmental Quality‘s publication The Advocate – writing for and about small businesses and local governments affected by environmental regulations published this update regarding the removal of Stage II Vapor Recovery equipment. The rules are written, but are awaiting approval by the EPA. Removal will not begin until a minimum of 30 days after approval. Even with approval to remove the equipment, costs may restrict many owner/operators of fuel dispensing facilities to retain the equipment they have.

TCEQ Publication "The Advocate" for and about small business and local governments affected by environmental regulationsWhen the Federal Clean Air Act was written, it prescribed stage II vapor recovery systems be used until onboard vapor recovery canisters on vehicles were in widespread use. EPA has determined that onboard canisters on vehicles are now in widespread use, which will allow states to develop a procedure for removing or decommissioning stage II systems. The procedure must be approved by the EPA.

The TCEQ has completed revising the rules and they are being reviewed by the EPA. Decommissioning may not begin until 30 days after the EPA approves the modified TCEQ rules. We have been working closely with EPA in this process and we expect the EPA to approve the TCEQ rules sometime in the first half of 2014. In the meantime, you must maintain Stage II vapor recovery system equipment and testing.

Information will be sent to all owners and operators when the EPA approves the TCEQ rules. The updated information will be available online.

You can receive updates by e-mail: on the TCEQ home page, click on “sign up for e-mail updates” and after logging in, click on “Regulatory Announcements for Small Businesses and Local Governments.”

If you have any questions about Stage II Vapor Recovery requirements in Texas or other states, Contact Us to learn more. Our Regulatory Affairs Manager, Brian Harmon is a subject matter expert and will be happy to help answer questions or address scenarios where you may want to make changes at your facilities. TAIT has experience at all levels with Stage II Vapor Recovery Systems.

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