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TAIT UST Inspections and Testing Across the US

Inspection Locations Across the Southern United States
Inspection Locations Across the Southern United States

TAIT Environmental Services is expanding throughout the United States in an effort to help clients address the new Class A/B UST operator training and inspection regulations promulgated by the 2005 Energy Policy Act.  To address the Energy Policy Act, each state has developed their own regulations for UST operator training and in some cases, inspections.  TAIT understands the regulations in each state and is acutely aware of their impact on UST owners.

For many clients, TAIT has assumed the role of the “Class B UST Operator” and is performing routine inspections and “Class C Operator” training at UST sites throughout the United States.  TAIT has performed more than 40,000 UST operator inspections in the past 6 years on behalf of our clients.

TAIT has developed a web-based system for performing inspections on a Microsoft SharePoint 2010 platform called TAIT Environmental Compliance System (TECS) Online.  TECS allows for complete web-based management of inspections,  forms, documents, and records.

Contact Scott Brehmer for more information about our inspection services and TECS Online.