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Course Descriptions

Our online courses are designed to prepare and pass the California ICC UST Exams. The courses include video-based training that can be watched multiple times in preparation for the exam. Your training course is guaranteed until you pass your exam. Our courses include:  

  • The California Designated UST System Operator (DUSTO or DO) ICC Exam Prep Course if for those individuals designated by the UST owner to have responsibilities for training UST facility employees and conducting a visual inspection at the UST facility.
  • The California UST Inspector ICC Exam Prep Course is for those individual local agency inspectors or special inspectors who conducts UST inspections.
  • The California UST Service Technician ICC Exam Prep Course is for those individuals who install or test UST monitoring equipment, or provide maintenance, service, system programming or diagnostics, calibration, or trouble-shooting for UST system components.

The courses cover UST operator classifications, UST systems, UST operation, UST testing, UST inspections, UST recordkeeping, UST release detection, financial responsibility and investigation and reporting of suspected and confirmed releases from USTs. Each course also includes an online practice exam like the ICC exam. We ship a printed copy of the approved California UST statutes and regulations and EPA UST guidance documents that can be used in the California DUSTO / DO and California UST Inspector Exams.

Overview of California UST Requirements

The California statutes & regulations for the UST program are defined in:

The California State Water Board is rewriting California UST Regulations in preparation of the permanent closure of all single-walled USTs. The proposed UST Regulations have an expected effective date of January 1, 2026.

The California State Water Resources Control Board adopted Training Requirements for Underground Storage Tank Professionals.

The General Overview of UST Construction, Monitoring and Testing Requirements is a good general resource for California UST regulations and requirements. California has state-mandated UST inspections and testing forms which can be found on the California State Water Resources Control Board website at UST Reporting and Inspection Forms.